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Stéphane Ballas

Stéphane Ballas

Stéphane Ballas


Project manager

OVALIE INNOVATION is the Research Department of two Food and Agriculture Groups in the south-west of France : MAISADOUR and VIVADOUR.

These companies are cooperative organizations (i.e owned by farmers) which produce seeds and crops of cereals, oilseeds, vegetables. (Bioethanol and Biodiesel market, animal nutrition, starch industry, human consumption,…). Maize is one of the most important production with more than 1 million ton produced each year This latter is used for animal breeding, especially poultries. These two Groups are linked in transformation activities including feed production and animal products, mainly for foie gras and side-products production, and also chickens (under several label like Delpeyrat, Comtesse du Barry…). These two Groups represent a business of 1.5 billions euros with 4 500 workers and more than 13 000 associated farmers (vegetables, crop, wine, poultry and cattle business sectors)

Stéphane BALLAS  is the specialist of fractionate, separate and collecting biomass system, new crop production, drone technologies in relation with agriculture and vegetal biorefinery concerning cosmetic and nutricosmetics applications, which is located in Auch and Mont-De-Marsan (South-West of France).

In the BioSUNmulant project, he is in charge collecting, gathering and pre-treatment of the biomass, Ovalie Innovation developed an special equipment to harvest grain and biomass at the same time. He manage the farmers, the harvest, collecting data and evaluate future agricultural business activity. Also, he test, in the agricultural experimentation farm, the biostimulant product activity.