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Philippe Evon

Philippe Evon

Philippe Evon

Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse (INPT), France

Research Engineer in Laboratory of Agro-industrial Chemistry (LCA)


  • BSc in chemistry (1996)
  • PhD in biorefinery of sunflower whole plant (2008)
  • Habilitation to supervise researches (HDR) (2019)

Dr. EVON specializes in the valorization of wastes from biomass to produce extracts and to design agromaterials. He is mainly developing studies for using biomass as raw material for:

  • Producing bioactive extracts through fractionation processes using “green” solvents and the twin-screw extrusion technology as continuous extraction technique.
  • The manufacture of agromaterials by combining single- or twin-screw extrusion technologies with molding processes (e.g. injection-molding or thermopressing).

He is the Manager of the LCA’s Industrial Technological Hall “AGROMAT” dedicated to agromaterial’s (, which is located in Tarbes (South-West of France).

In the BioSUNmulant project, he is in charge of WP02 (i.e., sunflower biomass fractionation into a water extract and extruded fibres through twin-screw extrusion), and WP07 (i.e., development of bio-based materials with potentials in the building industry from the extruded fibres).