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Yinwei Zeng

Postdoctoral staff

Yinwei Zeng

Yinwei Zeng

Yinwei received his Bachelor of agriculture degree in 2018 in Grassland Science under the guidance of Dr. Jinlong Liu working on Plant Hydroponic System for Effective Inoculation of Rhizobium in Leguminosae and Arsenic Tolerance in Medicago truncatula under Root nodule symbiosis at the Northwest A & F University, China. As a undergraduate student, in addition to study in the room, he has been actively involved in different social activities, like WWF Qinling youth Ambassador Activity and so on. He enjoys spending time outside, camping and climbing. After graduation, he worked for several months as a research Assistant in CAS Key Laboratory of Urban Pollutant Conversion for Co-hydrothermal carbonization. Yinwei joined the HortiCell lab in the Dec. 2019 with CSC scholarship. And he is interested in understanding the plant-microbe symbiosis interactions with beneficial microbes, pathogens. His PhD project is entitled “Engineering of the lettuce rhizosphere microbiome”.

If you are interested in plant-microbe interactions or plant stress biology, please feel free to contact

Publication and patents

Liaoliao Ye#, Peizhi Yang#, Yinwei Zeng#, Chun Li, Ni Jian, Ruihua Wang, Siyuan Huang Rongchen Yang, Long Wei, Haiyan Zhao, Qingsong Zheng*, Huiling Gao*, Jinglong Liu*. “Rhizobium Symbiosis Modulates the Accumulation of Arsenic in Medicago truncatula via Nitrogen and NRT3. 1-like Genes Regulated by ABA and Linalool.” Journal of Hazardous Materials (2021): 125611.

Yinwei Zeng, Yuman Cao, Xuyang Sha, Shuxia Li, Peizhi Yang, Tianming Hu, Jinlong Liu*. (2018) An Observation Method of Nodule and Root Morphology without Damage in Real-time. Chinese Bulletin of Botany 53 (5): 661–670.

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Jinglong Liu, Xuyang Sha, Yinwei Zeng, Ruihua Wang, Peizhi Yang, Tianming Hu, Jiejun Xi. 2018. A method that using tnt1 inverse to construct a plant mutant library that can control the expression and re-transposition. Chinese patent. (CN 201810045494.3), 2018-01-17.